Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SAE 2011

2o11. last night didn't go so well (previous post), but today was good! so this is the gallery at my college i talked about last month. i went to the ceremony, where i knew absolutely no one, and not thinking i would win at all. i thought i was in the category for drawing/painting (should have looked at my info sticker), when really i was in freehand drawing. since drawing/painting winners were released towards the beginning i thought i had lost, but decided to stay for the whole ceremony. to my surprise i was announced the 1st place winner for my category! i won some money, but i don't know the amount yet. also, about the name title i know it's stupid. i was filling out the paperwork with my old art instructor in march and when i came across the fill in the blank for the title i told him 'i don't name stuff, so i guess i'll write untitled'. he said i should just write ' i don't name stuff'. i was glad when they announced my name they didn't say the title too. after the reception i got meself a celebratory slurpee :)


bahumbug :( i hate when you dedicate so many hours into an art project and then have to start from the beginning once again. woe is me.
-i know this picture has no relevance, but i though it suited the situation. this little creepy was found at disneyland.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


2o11. i started making this back in october. it has pretty much been done since then, i just has to put on more layers of watercolor. the quote is from johnny cash's song 'redemption day.' i used a paper ornament, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and rhinestones.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


2o11. new episode of deadliest catch was today! there was a marathon this weekend and i really liked the new promo they had, so i decided to draw a still from it. the quote was one of the few last words said by the late captain phil harris, the subjects' father. i really like the way it turned out with the watercolor. this was made with pen and watercolor.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


2o11. this is a super quick drawing i did 45 minutes ago. it was done in return for a favor. i was surprised by how well i did in such a short time, even though there are some faults. good practice. this was done in pen.

Monday, April 4, 2011


2011. i was taking a break from a big project i was working on and i thought i would practice drawing eyes; one of my major weakness'. this started off as an excercise, but it turned into a mini project. lately i have been obsessing with glee, and i had been wanting to draw darren criss' eyes. i think his eyes are interesting because of them being colored and having really dark bushy eye brows; i don't see light eyes with really dark hair often. it went by too quick, so i thought i would try drawing chris colfer's eye too. this project turned out better than i thought. i used a scrap piece of illustration board, ink, prisma colored pencils, watercolor, and an x-acto knife.